Shepherd Of My Soul

Shepherd of my soul, you’ve hovered over me so tenderly
Leading me by still waters
Nothing shall I want, no, nothing gives me hope or comforts me
Like your sweet company
Crevasse of thorns,
Valley of death
Doubting, I falter, stubborn, I wander astray

Shepherd of my soul, you come after me like a blazing fire
Light incarnate, light my darkness
Roaring out my name, you prise the very jaws of death apart
And hold me close to your heart
You bind up my wounds
With oil and wine
Rain falls like tears of joy as you carry me home

The Shepherd leaves the ninety-nine to go after the one because she is irreplaceable to him. Oh, that I could fully grasp the trembling tenderness and red-hot fierceness of the Saviour’s love this Easter season! All its waves and billows overcome me when all I wanted was to dip my toes in its cooling stream. What manner of love is this?

Oh, Light of the World, thank you for mercy, thank you for mercy.

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