Water Need (Michael Ketterer Cover)

Since the last blogpost, my life has changed.

I have a bright-eyed baby son (I recorded the video while I was still pregnant with him) – his name is Isaac John Newton Prescott, and he is my pride and joy.

I can’t walk. The labour was sixty hours long, my little one had somehow shifted from an anterior to posterior position and put his head at an angle. I delivered him without intervention – this is a miracle in itself – but my body is in a state of shock.

“God loves dependence.”

These were my friend Connie’s words as she held me and we rocked back and forth, sobbing. Peter, Isaac and I had just returned home from the hospital after days and days of tests, scans, and powerful pain-killers. I was incapacitated, exhausted, and traumatised.

I am dependent now as I have never been before. I need help to do the simplest things. My incredible husband and kind-hearted mother-in-law attend to me and the baby all day and all night long. I am humbled, and I am brokenly grateful.

“I need you, I need you – I need you like water.”

And so I lean on my Beloved, praying that I will come out of this wilderness unrecognisable, radiant, transformed (Song of Songs 8:5).

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