Pierced (Original Song)

“Everyone is pierced.” What a strange statement! What do I mean? Well, in a nutshell:

You either love God or money. (Matthew 6:24)

Those who love money instead of God are ultimately betrayed by it, and ‘pierced with many pangs’. (1 Tim 6:10) Ultimately, they will see the One their hearts have always longed for (Rev 1:7), but He will be someone else’s Bridegroom and oh, they will suffer the pain of a broken heart for eternity!

Whereas those who love God suffer a different heartache. We watch Him be pierced on our behalf, (Isaiah 53:5) and as we gaze upon the most beautiful One, hanging on the cross, choosing to forever bear the scars of our ugliness (Rev 5:6) that we might be clothed in His beauty, our hearts are pierced by his sacrificial love. Like Simon Peter, barely able to believe he has been forgiven and restored, we say, “Oh Lord, you know I love you!” Thank you, Jesus! Thank you.

So then, an Easter Saturday song through the eyes of Mary, Judas, Simon Peter, myself, inspired by this blogpost from Desiring God.

I am dressed in scarlet
everybody knows how I came by this jar of oil
every eye is on me
but there is only One who sees my deepest soul
I’m pierced

I am but a poor man
watching as the perfume falls
the waste of all my plans
take the one I kiss but
still he calls me friend
these coins can’t kiss me back
I’m pierced

There is one who was pierced for me
I see you now hanging on that thorny tree
you were lifted high like a lightning rod
taking all the wrath of a holy God
and your strength was yielded to His will
as the angels stood, amazed and still
as the Champion of Heaven died
You were beaten, naked, crucified
to the deepest pit of all my shame
You descended, breaking every chain
and the surface of the deep was still
for a day, a night, a day, until
with a mighty breath you breached the frozen waves
with the rising sun you live again

I was out at sea again
Till I heard you call my name just like you used to
you ask me if I love you
oh you know I do
you know I do, you know
I’m pierced